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Retouching advantages of Artificial Intelligence

Our plugins are designed to work in the very same way as a professional retoucher works on the image. 8 years of retouching practice and 2 years of deep learning research allowed us to create automatic retouching algorithms with the most natural results.
All plug-ins are designed with no compromises on image quality. This might have impacted the processing time, but results are worth it.
We are continuously updating neural engines to get better results. If you're not satisfied with the result, send us the images and they will be added to the training dataset. We continuesly updating neural engines to get better result.
You can check the price for retouching per 1 photo from retouchers and understand that you get the best value for the money.
Retouch4me plugins recommended
Eun Jang
I work as a retoucher in a small country in Asia.
I came across 3D LUT CREATOR and always admired the infinite potential for color correction and the genius of Oleg, the developer who implements it. And that genius is now rooted in the field of retouching. From simple blemishes removal, skin DodgeBurn, and clean background... Retouch4me literally always helps me without saying a word. The better part is that it does not apply blur, but it helps based on the technique of accurate retouching. And not only professional retouch but also ordinary people who are not good at Photoshop get high quality results. Also, even if a minor bug occurs, it shows a very fast response and values communication.
The most important thing is... Retouch4me is constantly researching and growing, just as we learn, practice and work on retouching. While writing this, Retouch4me is preparing to help us hard by learning. Growing, high-quality retouching plug-ins, there's no reason not to buy them!
Synthia Smyth
Software journalist of FixThePhoto
Verdict: Retouch4me is an AI-based software, one of the best plug-in makers designed for fast and professional editing.

A neural network automatically detects problem areas on the skin and fixes them. A huge advantage is that the original skin texture is preserved. I also like that skin isn't blurred during retouching and it doesn't acquire an artificial look. Besides, improving pictures becomes very fast.

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Sergey Vogel
Photographer from Germany
I'm a photographer and I also take the work of photographers for processing. I ran into a problem in Germany that people here, in comparison with Russians, do not care a bit about the quality of the source images. Both models and photographers. Retouching becomes an unreal headache. Often you have to do not so much of retouching and color correction but mostly cleaning the source.
Long ago I discovered Oleg Sharonov's product line. To say that he is a TALENT will not be enough! I always thank him in my mind while the progress bar of the plugin is moving) I bought the entire line of the products and do not regret a single ruble I spent. It costs so much more! Routine processing steps have become a pleasure, because plugins works for me, and the result is simply impressive. This is a must-have!
Zoran Radonjic
Professional photographer (Zoran.Photography)
I'm a commercial photographer, and I do a lot of portrait and fashion work.
I've tried all kinds of plugins, Photoshop extensions, and all until now have been just a bit more than a gimmick. They are mostly based of some kind of blurring and frequency separation, and the edits are unnatural, and not fitting for most of images.
This is completely different, and quite unbelievable that it manages to do same kind of edits a human would do, and do it so fast and accurate.

For the sessions I do lately, I just let it process whole batch of images via photoshop action, and just review the results at the end to check if there is some detail I would like to adjust. Mostly there is nothing to touch afterwards.

I did a shoot for the company with 400 people - let the action run, and got back to PC after a movie with all the images retouched. You could not expect that with a big team of retouchers, and the price of the plugins is as if you have sent a 1 or few images for retouching.
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